Development of granular simulation tools

Simulations of granular materials provide scientific insights which cannot be obtained using physical experiments. For example, particle-scale simulations give researchers access to the forces exerted on each particle in a dynamic system which can be used to explore force transmission within contact networks.

Considerable work is done in the Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure group to create new simulation software and add new capabilities to existing simulation tools. Two software companies, DEM Solutions and Particle Analytics, have been formed as spin-out companies. Projects within the Development of granular simulation tools theme are listed below.

Localisation of deformation using different Cosserat finite elements

The VELaSSCo Project

Compartmental DEM model of a twin screw granulator



Related Projects

Lead researcher Title Type Status
Xizhong Chen Multiscale simulation of particle breakage in an impact pin mill PDRA ONGOING
Fahad Gulib Constitutive models and finite elements for plasticity in generalised continuum theories Ph.D. ONGOING
Andrew Hobbs Multiscale investigation of the contribution of interstitial gases to conductive heat transfer in dense granular systems Ph.D. ONGOING
J.P. Morrissey Models for Manufacturing of Particulate Products PDRA ONGOING
Tim Najuch Simulation of dense suspensions with discrete element method and a coupled lattice Boltzmann method Ph.D. ONGOING
Di Peng Efficient DEM simulations of large systems of non-spherical particles Ph.D. ONGOING
Lin Bu Multiphase flow and coupled flow-mechanical behaviour in Filling type Disaster-induced structure in tunnels Ph.D.  ONGOING