Particle Technology for Industrial Manufacturing

It is estimated that over 75% of the material feedstock in industry is in a granular form. Therefore, being able to transport and process particulate materials efficiently, safely and reliably within a manufacturing plant is critical. The Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure group has long-standing expertise in the design of silos, and maintain a pilot-scale silo facility for experimental research.

The group work closely with industrial partners to gain a scientific understanding of particle processing equipment such as pin mills and twin-screw granulators. Projects within the Particle technology for industrial manufacturing theme are listed below.


Related Projects

Lead researcher Title Type Status
Rosario Capozza DEM representation of irregular, abradable particles  PDRA ONGOING
Xizhong Chen Multiscale simulation of particle breakage in an impact pin mill PDRA ONGOING
Andrew Hobbs Multiscale investigation of the contribution of interstitial gases to conductive heat transfer in dense granular systems Ph.D. ONGOING
J.P. Morrissey Models for Manufacturing of Particulate Products PDRA ONGOING
Stefan Pantaleev  Measurement and Modelling of Powder Flow in Flexible-Walled Containers Ph.D. ONGOING
Behzad Soltanbeigi  A multiscale analysis of the influence of particle shape on the mechanical response of granular materials Ph.D. ONGOING
Jiawei Xu Effect of particle shape, size and particle friction in granular solid flow in railway ballast Ph.D. ONGOING
Meixia Wang Mechanistic study of  hydraulic fracturing and water inrush of  rock mass in TBM tunneling Ph.D. ONGOING
Giuseppe Raso Computational modelling of wet granular processes using the Discrete Element Method Ph.D. COMPLETE
Rahul Mohanty DEM modelling and calibration of dry cohesive granular flows Ph.D. COMPLETE